Working For You

Devika L. Carr, Owner & Founding Attorney


Choosing a lawyer is an important decision. Consider taking time to read how to choose a lawyer here.
If you are only looking for someone to solve your problems, but you aren’t committed to your own self-worth, D CARR LAW may not be a good fit.  But if you have decided your life is valuable, your reputation and future deserve to be protected, and you are invested in making your life better, then let’s start a conversation today.
There’s a lot to dislike about how the legal system works, but I am a firm believer that guiding people who care about themselves is a great first step to improving the narrative. After spending 2 years as an Assistant Public Defender for Broward County, Florida, I  wanted to focus on domestic violence and other criminal defense by applying this mindset and providing people with a better way to get through a difficult time.  My experience in domestic violence as a niche area of law makes a few things certain: people are unfairly displaced in the eyes of the law, the public, and society generally, when they are wrongfully or unfairly accused and charged with domestic violence or violence related crimes.  And the consequences are immensely unfair, often without forgiving qualities.
My approach to being a legal professional and business owner is to focus on preventative strategies to educate the public and empower people with the tools they need to prevent domestic violence or criminal charges from destroying their bright futures.  This requires a commitment to learning about the needs and desires of the people in my community so they can progress beyond legal challenges that may arise and focus on the goals they want to protect.
I’ve received a lot of criticism for being community driven, genuine, and caring.
I’ve been told people won’t care about me brightening their futures but will only care about me solving their problems.  I’m willing, committed and able to do both.
I’m like jalapeño sorbet in a world of vanilla ice cream.
And that’s what makes me one incredible attorney in a legal profession of over 80,000 active members to choose from.