South Florida has a large population of hard-working community members who have immigration matters requiring careful attention and planning.

We provide service in two areas of immigration:

Deportation Prevention-We provide legal advice and counsel to individuals who are at risk of being deported due to arrests, convictions, or the threat of convictions.  We have the capability to unify criminal and immigration representation while helping clients plan for progress, with the clear goal of trying to stabilize families and protect them from separation.

This service is best for individuals facing immigration consequences as a result of pending criminal charges or individuals who are at risk of being separated from their families as a result of prior arrests or convictions.

Stabilization and Unification Planning-We provide comprehensive immigration progress planning to assist clients who dream of becoming United States citizens and want to know where they stand among the dreamers.  We provide initial evaluations, risk assessments, and transitional representation throughout the immigration process, with the ultimate goal of brightening futures for immigrants in America.

This service is best for individuals who want the best chance at becoming United States Citizens by actively engaging with a confident legal advisor throughout the  process.

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